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body rituals

Our Body Rituals provider a Natural , Harmony and purity to restore balance and wellness we use organic elements from land and sea. because it is a superfood -rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Our body Rituals designed to treat and hydrate the skin

Mayan Princes for a day

Designed to help you recover from a daily routine pamper your skin with organic floral lavender body scrub, followed by a relaxing massage. The treatment concludes with a deep cleansing organic facial including a tree-step cleansing ritual. That will leave your skin smooth.

Service Include

Service Include

Holistic Ritual

Renew your sense ,connect your body and Mind whit organic Herbal Aromatherapy and relaxing steam herbal compress are applied to whole body . Fallowed by organic hydrating facial with biodynamic Cranial -Facial Therapy . Organic algae extracts and natural botanical oils restore vital nutrients vitamins and minerals directly to skin.

Mindfulness Ritual Massage

The vague Nerve is the longer cranial nerve in the body – reaching from the brain to the gut .Which stores and process many of our human emotions . It helps regulate stress ,rest and digestion   . This unique massage Experience was created to active the calming effects of the vagus Nerve response via steaming aromatic compresses , gentle neck and body massage strokes, cranial holds and soothing essential oil blend formulated to invite an uplifting ,meditative state of consciousness. This precious essence of Juniper, Chamomile , Lavender and Jojoba works to mitigate feelings of stress , while stimulating positive and wellbeing the mind and body.

Service Include

Service Include

Gentlemen's Ritual

Renew and detoxify the skin.balance face body and mind. With a powerful regenerative and rejuvenating treatment releasing stress from the body with a relaxing massage . fallowed by anti-aging facial leave you felling relaxed and recharged

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